Brief History:

    The Orissa province came into existence w.e.f. 1.4.1936 excluding the Ex-Princely States. After the inception of the province of Orissa, a Revenue Commissioner was appointed with Headquarters at Cuttack. The Revenue Commissioner was the Chief Executive of the Revenue Administration of the state of Orissa with the headquarters at Cuttack, a system which was  prevalent prior to the formation of the Orissa State so far as the area coming under Calcutta Presidency is concerned. He was discharging those functions till the merger of the States, when it was found that the province had become too big to be managed by one Revenue Commissioner alone. So the post of Commissioner , Northern Division with Headquarters at Sambalpur was created and afterwards a Bill seeking to create a Board of Revenue with three members was piloted. Finally, with the formation of the Board of Revenue in 1951 as per the Orissa Board of Revenue Act.1951, the functions of Commissioner which was used to be exercised by the Revenue Commissioner passed on to the Member, Board of Revenue. Experience revealed that concentration of all powers in the Board resulted in various difficulties, particularly in the matter of exercise of full and effective control over Dist. administration and the prompt solution to local problems by reasons of all engrossing and complicated nature of duties and responsibilities. In order to relieve the Board of its multifarious duties, to enable it concentrate mostly on Revenue Administration and problems relating thereto and also for the expeditious disposal of judicial matters entrusted to it, it has been considered expedient to appoint Revenue Divisional Commissioners to look into the executive administration of the Districts, within their respective Division subject to the control of Board and State Government. The Orissa Revenue Divisional Commissioners Act 1957 came into force on 30.8.1957 vide Erstwhile Political and Services Department Notification No.10838 dt. 30.8.1957 , which was published in the Orissa Gazette Extra-ordinary issue No.322 on the same date.

    The Northern Revenue Division started functioning in the year 1957 as per the provision of the Orissa Revenue Divisional Commissioner Act,1957 after bifurcation from the erstwhile Revenue Commissioner’s. Orissa vide P & C. Department Notification No.10839 dt.30.8.57 consisting of Sambalpur, Dhenkanal, Bolangir, Sundargarh and Keonjhar Districts at that time. During the year 1993-94 after re-organization of Districts these five Districts have been divided into ten Districts tabled below as per Government order noted against each.

    District Under RDC, ND
    Sl No. Old District Newly created District Notification No. & Date
    1 Sambalpur
    1. Sambalpur
    2. Bargarh
    Revenue Deptt.Notification No.49237/R,dt.1.10.1992
    1. Jharsuguda
    2. Deogarh
    Revenue Deptt.Notification No.14218/R,dt.27.3.1993
    2 Bolangir
    1. Bolangir
    2. Subarnapur
    Revenue Deptt. Notification No.49137/R,dt.1.10.1992
    3 Dhenkanal
    1. Dhenkanal
    2. Angul
    Revenue Deptt. Notification No.49137/R,dt.1.10.1992